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    Mission Statement

    Team Excel Basketball is detemined to teach and play the game of basketball with class and integrity. To be honest with it's players and parents. Basketball is JUST a game and we must always be mindful of that. Keeping that in mind, We are still determined to get the best out of your child, both on and off the court. We want the best for them as students and players. More importantly, we want them to be the best citizens they can be. Never allowing them to settle for less. I look forward to the journey! Now let's get it!


    Coach Jay Jackson

    Director- Team Excel Hoops


  • Here is some of Team Excel's Basketball Staff

    We've got a Top Notch Team!

    Joshua Lee


    Jay Jackson

    Director- Coach- Trainer

    Demariya Williams

    Coach- Trainer

    Matt Hatcher



    *Registration fee is $140 for the 1st month and a one time fee of $45 for your player's jersey and shorts.

    1. $140 monthly dues for each month thereafter. Compared to other AAU programs, we can't be beat. Guaranteed!

    *** It is imperative that if you are registering your son or daughter, you pay the $140.00 registration fee. The uniform fee is optional at this time, primarily because the uniform price may ultimately be a bit cheaper. Your $140.00 rate is guarateed and fully refundable if your son or daughter is not able to be placed on a team. The fees are paid through Paypal, which is guaranteed.

    2. An additional $14 fee will need to be paid in the first 30 days to the Amatuer Athletic Union. their website is www.aausports.org. Once there, go to registration and pay that fee. you will be given an AAU number for your child immediately. We would need that number for your child to start practicing.

    3. Monthly payments of $140 are due by the 10th of each month. Late fee is an additional $25

    4. There is NO contract, so, players can leave the team and will incur no penalty and return later by just paying the monthly rate. We certainly hope that the players wll stay with us as we have a wealth of talent to offer.

  • Player's age brackets for Teams.

    • K- 2nd grade teams play together on co-ed teams in 8u bracket.
    • Age brackets are as follows: kinderarten- 2nd grade,  9-under, 10-under, 11-under, 12-under,  13-under, 14-under, 15-under, 16-under, 17-under. Some 8u, 9u, 10u boys teams may have girls as well.
    • The goal is for each age group to have a girls team and a boys team starting at 12u. ( ex 12- under girls, 12- under boys)
    • Some Age brackets may have 2 teams( gold, silver ) depending on skill level of the players.  
    • There will be a tryout for all the players at a date in the future and the teams will be constructed based upon the tryouts. 
    • There will be advanced and developmental teams as well. 
    • All registered players will make and play on a team. There are no cuts. 

  • Practice times and locations.

      • There is one 2- hour practice per week. 
      • Practices for younger players will normally start at 5:00 and older players practices would start at 7:00. Practice times are subject to change to accommodate the team.
      • Practice for your team will be held in your area of residence. 
      •  There will be  teams in San Ramon, Dublin, Concord, Walnut Creek, Pittsburg and Antioch.
      • Players should have and will need  their own basketball and always bring it to practice. 
      • Almost all practices will be held indoors, with an occasional practice or clinic outdoors as well. 
      • We do offer additional training as well,  upon approval by the Director of Programs. 

    • Uniforms

      • Player uniforms are $50 and the fee and sizes are submitted upon construction of the team. 
      • Uniforms take 2- 3 weeks to be created and delivered.
      • Players numbers and team logo will be on uniforms. 
      • Parents can order jerseys as well for $35. 
      • Uniforms are excellent Quality!      

    • Tournaments

      • Registration and monthly dues cover tournament fees. Teams will play at least 4 games per month. Tournaments are primarily on Saturdays and the team will play 2 games.
      • Tournament games are in the Tri Valley Area, Contra Costa County,  or Alameda County areas. 
      • Potential travel to other tournaments outside of the Bay Area are  possible if agreed to by the director, parents and coaches. Parents are responsible for fees outside of the normal scheduled tournaments. 
      • Team championship medals are  awarded as well as MVP and sportsmanship medals in tournaments.
      • All players will get playing time in all the tournament games as well. Amount of playing time is in the coaches discretion. 

    • Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How much are the fees?   $140.00 to reguster and $140 per month. 1 time $50 uniform fee.
      2. When are the games?  Games are on Saturdays and times vary.
      3. Where are the practices?   Practices are normally at a school gym inside of 20 min from your home. 
      4. How often are practices?   Normally, there is  1 two hour practice per week.
      5. Does everyone that signs up makes a team?   Yes,  if we have a team in their age range.
      6. Can Parents coach?  Yes we welcome volunteers parents and we will assist in training them.
      7. What is the skill level of the teams?    It varies but we will try and find a team that is skillwise, a fit for the player. 
      8. How long before the first games?   After a month of practices, we will play out 1st tournament.
      9. Do the parents pay for the tournaments?    No, tournaments are included in the registration and monthly fees.

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      Team Excel Basketball.

      "Youth Rising To The Occasion, in life and in Sports."

      Your calls and emails are welcome. Please dont hesitate to ask.



      (925) 250-2873

      (925) 250-2873